Bomb Squad Responds To Pressure Cooker

sweetwater-bomb-squadThe Sweetwater County Bomb Squad responded Monday to what was thought to be pressure cooker bomb near I-80 in Central Sweetwater County. The Wyoming Highway Patrol called in the Bomb Squad after a pressure cooker, that appeared to have wire or cord attached to it, was spotted in a truck parking area approximately 35 miles east of Rock Springs. The Bomb Squad was able to use bomb disposal robots to move and open the top of the pressure cooker remotely. Once the container was opened, no bomb materials or any harmful substances were discovered, and in fact, the pressure cooker was filled with what looked to be chicken stew. Pressure cooker bombs have been used by terrorists for at least 16 years. Most recently pressure cooker bombs were used in a train bombing in India, at the Boston Marathon Bombings and during September’s bombing in New York City.

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