Bomb Squad Detonates Several Pressure Bombs

The Sweetwater County Bomb Squad detonated several improvised chemical pressure bombs in Uinta County over the weekend. The Bomb Squad responded to a location about 5 miles north of Evanston Friday afternoon, where the Uinta County Sheriff’s office was investigating an abandoned vehicle. Uinta officers determined that an improvised chemical pressure device had been detonated inside the car and also located several un-exploded devices both inside and outside the vehicle. The Bomb Squad was able to destroy the un-exploded pressure bombs without incident. These types of bombs can be very dangerous as the time they take to explode can vary greatly and when toilet cleaner is used, like in the case of the bombs that were found over the weekend, the chemical reaction produces hydrochloric acid, which is extremely corrosive. If you ever come into contact with something that you believe to be an improvised chemical pressure bomb, you should move way quickly and contact your local law enforcement.

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