Bloomberg Endorses Udall

mark-udall-300bloombergIt’s no surprise that Mark Udall has been endorsed by New York’s Michael Bloomberg in the Colorado senate race this year. The announcement was made, not by the Udall camp, but by his opponent, Cory Gardner. Bloomberg is a major advocate of anti-gun legislation, repeatedly attacking the 2nd Amendment. Bloomberg poured money into the campaigns of those fighting to keep their political positions during recall elections in Colorado last year. The recalls, which were brought forth largely due to anti-gun legislation passed in Colorado, were successful despite Bloomberg’s money. Bloomberg made national headlines when he claimed that those being recalled were from areas of Colorado with no roads. One was from Colorado Springs, and the other from Pueblo. While Udall has not acknowledged the Bloomberg endorsement, the two have been on the same page when it comes to gun legislation.  Pictured: left-Mark Udall; right-Michael Bloomberg

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