BLM Seeking Comments on Lease Sales

BLMThe Bureau of Land Management Little Snake Field Office yesterday released a preliminary environmental assessment analyzing the proposed sale of oil and gas leases on 41 parcels totaling 31,225 acres of public mineral estate in Moffatt and Routt counties.  The Assessment analyzes whether the parcels will be offered for competitive leasing to allow exploration and development of federal oil and gas resources. There are three alternatives analyzed within the EA including offering all of the nominated parcels for sale, offering a subset of the parcels for sale or not offering any parcels.  The parcels are identified as available to oil and gas leasing under the current resource management plan for the Little Snake Field Office. The RMP identifies what restrictions, or stipulations, are included with the leases.  Under the preferred alternative, 71 parcels would be deferred leaving 41 parcels available for lease sale totaling 31,225 acres. Of the parcels recommended for lease, 10 are in Moffat County and 31 are in Routt County. Deferred parcels would not be offered due to Preliminary Priority Habitat for Greater Sage-Grouse as identified by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  A list of the parcels and the attached stipulations can be found by clicking here.

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