Should BLM National Office Be Moved West?

Colorado’s elected leaders are spearheading an effort to relocate the national BLM office to the Western United States, and would like to see it in Colorado.  Senator Cory Gardner introduced the idea of moving the national office west during the confirmation hearing for newly confirmed interior secretary Ryan Zinke. When asked about the idea Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper agreed with Gardner, saying he thinks power is too highly concentrated in Washington DC. Gardner says the BLM’s Planning 2.0 Rule, which was recently killed by President Trump, demonstrates that bureaucrats in Washington know little about the Western United States. Gardner and Hickenlooper agree that moving the BLM office to the west would give the organization a better feel for the land they manage.  In an effort to continue the relocation momentum, Club 20, a coalition of businesses, tribes and local governments in Colorado’s 20 western counties, is encouraging elected officials from the west, to pass resolutions supporting the move.   The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of surface land and more than 700 million acres of subsurface minerals across 12 western states.

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