BLM Finishes Grand Junction Project, Working on Moffat County Plan

BLMA document that will guide the management of more than 1 million acres in western Colorado for 20-plus years is now complete, but the battles are not over. The Bureau of Land Management issued its record of decision Friday for the resource management plan for the Grand Junction Field Office. Disputes still to be resolved include travel routes and the treatment of lands with wilderness areas. The BLM says its plan could support nearly 7,500 jobs in livestock grazing, recreation and energy development. Environmentalists say the plan falls short on providing a balanced plan for conservation values, such as wilderness, quiet recreation, and wildlife. The BLM is conducting a similar operation for the Little Snake Field Office, however that plan has come under less opposition, due to the nature of the relationship between the agency and Moffat County officials. Moffat County is acting as a cooperator, keeping them in the loop in all phases of road inventory.

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