BLM To Dump “Job Killing” Mineral Moratorium

The Bureau of Land Management announced recently that they plan to cancel a 20-year mineral moratorium on ten million acres of land.  The moratorium was instituted by the Obama administration, in an effort to protect Greater Sage Grouse habitat. Western Caucus Chairman Paul Gosar said the mineral moratorium, which affected land in six western states, was the greatest threat to the livelihood of western communities. According to Gosar, mining operations were prohibited for two years, but he says the decision will now allow job creators to get back to work. Congressman Scott Tipton applauded the cancellation of the mineral moratorium, saying he is pleased that Interior Secretary Zinke is taking action to support local preservation efforts. Tipton says the Obama Administration’s one-size-fits-all approach was bad for the West, and according to biologists and conservationists, not the most effective way to restore sage grouse populations. Tipton is confident that when given the ability, western states can produce better outcomes than the federal government.

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