BLM to Delay Issuing Special Recreation Permits

BLMThe Bureau of Land Management’s Little Snake Field Office has announced it will not be issuing new special recreation permits for big game or mountain lion guiding and outfitting until it completes a study evaluating the capacity for such permits.  Permitting commercial recreational activities such as guiding and outfitting hunters is an important piece of the BLM’s multiple use mission. The Little Snake Field Office will administer 70 big game and mountain lion special recreation permits during 2014 and has seen an increase in the number of applications each year. Acting Little Snake Field Manager Tim Wilson says before issuing any new permits, they want to ensure they are not exceeding an area’s ability to support multiple hunting outfitters, and determine what levels are appropriate to be in balance with other resources and uses.  The Little Snake Field Office will continue processing applications for existing permits but will maintain a waiting list for new applications.  The BLM expects the capacity study will begin in the fall and will take about two years to complete. The public, outfitters and guides, and other stakeholders will have several opportunities to be involved in the study.

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