Bills Look To Clarify CO’s Marijuana Policy

While the future of the marijuana industry is up in the air in the United States, the Colorado  legislature advanced several bills recently to help clarify Marijuana policy in the state. The Senate passed House Bill 1034, introduced by Senator Randy Baumgardner, which would align medical marijuana licenses with the retail marijuana code.  This will allow medical facilities to move their licenses throughout the state. Baumgardener says that reducing barriers and creating a uniform code is one way to allow small businesses to flourish, no matter the product. The Bill now moves to Governor Hickenlooper’s desk for approval. The senate also approved Senate Bill 187, which would allow non-residents to apply for occupational marijuana licenses in Colorado. According to Senator Larry Crowder, this change will allow people from other states who are moving to Colorado seeking education and guidance regarding the marijuana industry, a legal pathway to participate. Senate Bill 187 now must be approved by the House. The Senate also advanced Senate Bill 178 which would allow medical marijuana patients, if arrested, to use the drug if they are out on bond. This is an expansion of existing law which permits medical marijuana use for patients who are on parole or probation in Colorado. Senate Bill 178 must pass another reading in the Senate before it is sent to the House for a vote.

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