Bill Clinton Stumps for Udall

CLINTONFormer President Bill Clinton says midterm elections in a president’s second term are dominated by appeals to vent frustration at the president by voting out others in his party. Clinton urged Democrats to resist that appeal yesterday at a political rally in suburban Denver. He accused Republicans of trying to get people to “just vote your fears and your anger.” Clinton was talking up Democratic Senator Mark Udall, who is locked in a tough re-election contest against Republican Representative Cory Gardner. Udall was accused last week of running a “fear campaign” by the Denver Post, claiming Udall is trying to scare women into voting for him, by claiming Gardner is trying to outlaw abortion and birth control altogether. Former first lady Hillary Clinton has already visited Colorado to promote Udall. And current first lady Michelle Obama led Udall rallies Thursday in Denver and Fort Collins. Democrats are throwing all their weight at a desperate attempt to keep Udall’s seat. Colorado could decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the chamber.

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