Beware Of Animals Following Time Change

deer-vs-carWith the time change this weekend, drivers need to be aware that with the sun setting earlier next week, the chance of collisions between evening commuters and wildlife increases dramatically. The time change coincides with the wildlife mating season.  Drivers will also  experience increased visibility issues. These factors will raise the likelihood of collisions between animals and cars. Steps to keep you safe during your evening commute are available below.  It’s also recommend that all smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries are checked or replaced this weekend. Remember to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night.

To avoid accidents with animals, take the following precautions.

Slow down. Swerving at high speeds increases the danger of an accident. Moderate speeds increase reaction time and allow drivers to react appropriately to animals in the road.

Stay alert particularly while driving at dusk and dawn. This is when deer and other common wildlife are most active.

Scan ahead and watch for movement along roadsides. If you see one animal, expect it to be accompanied by others.

Obey traffic signs and watch for wildlife warning signs. Transportation authorities often attempt to reduce the number of incidents by lowering nighttime speeds in areas where collisions are common.

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