Beware Of Aggressive Deer

Deer are mating across Colorado and Colorado  Parks and Wildlife is reminding residents to take precautions to avoid conflicts. Bucks can be very aggressive during mating season, becoming much more territorial, which may cause them to attack people who they perceive as potential rivals.  Bucks may also spar with and become tangled in things like swing sets and volleyball nets. Getting tangled in things can be very stressful on the animal and may lead to death. So if you haven’t done so, now is a good time to bring in summer toys and check if there are other things in your yard that can snare deer. If items can’t be removed, CPW recommends tying long strands of brightly colored surveyor’s tape to them, to help alert animals. People displaying holiday decorations and lights should also use caution. Lights should be attached firmly to structures, or strung at least eight feet off the ground. Avoid draping lights loosely on top of shrubbery or wrapping lights around tree trunks. If you see an animal with items stuck in its antlers call the nearest CPW office. Never approach the animal or attempt to cut these items off by yourself. Deer mating season usually last through the end of December.

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