Beauprez Gets Endorsement From Texas Governor Rick Perry

BEAUPREZTexas Governor Rick Perry has endorsed Bob Beauprez for Colorado governor, calling him the right leader to repair the damage done by Hickenlooper-Obama policies.  In a statement, Perry said “I support Bob’s commitment to pushing back against federal meddling and Obama mandates. He has consistently fought against Obamacare, the eroding of our Second Amendment Rights and the job-killing policies that threaten our economic future.”  Beauprez says he is humbled by Perry’s endorsement.  He says Perry is an example of how a governor should stand up to the Federal Government when it comes to job killing policies.  Over the past decade, Texas has created nearly a third of the net new jobs in the United States.  Beauprez is considered the frontrunner among Republican candidates vying for Hickenlooper’s seat.  Pictured:  Bob Beauprez

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