Baumgardner Accuser Deemed Credible

One of the sexual harassment complaints filed against Colorado State Senator Randy Baumgardner has been deemed credible, according to the woman who filed the accusation.  Public radio station KUNC is reporting the anonymous woman was told the threats were credible by investigators earlier this week. The Colorado Legislature appointed the Employers Council, a group that specializes in employment law, to investigate the allegations. The accuser says she was also told by investigators that evidence suggests there needs to be consequences for these actions. The woman claims Baumgardner slapped or grabbed her rear end multiple times while she was working at the Capital Building during the 2016 legislative session.  The former legislative intern chose to remain anonymous, an option provided under the formal complaint process, due to fear of retribution. Baumgardner declined to comment on the new development, but had previously denied any wrong doing related to the incident.   It will now be up to Colorado Senate leaders to determine if Baumgardner will face any punishment or consequences.

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