Bathrooms Closing Around Steamboat

City-of-SteamboatDue to the temperatures dropping and the risk of pipes freezing the seasonal restrooms in the parks in and around Steamboat are being winterized and closed for the season. The Rodeo Ground restrooms, the Stables, Dr. Rich Weiss Park and the Howelsen 9th inning Concession stand are already closed for the winter. Emerald Park, West Lincoln Park, Little Toots Park, Whistler and Fetcher Park are still open. All of these bathrooms will be closed by November 1st except for Fetcher Park which has heat and will remain open during the winter. Port-O-Lets are still at Howelsen Beach, Ski Town Park, Memorial Park, River Creek Park, Spring Creek Park, Blackmere Drive, Bear River Park, and the Stables until November 1st. If you need more information, call 871-7025.

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