Back-Country Snowmobile Safety Tips

Snowmobile season is here and many have already been enjoying the back-country trails in Colorado. Before embarking on an excursion, it’s important to know the proper safety procedures for operating a snowmobile in the back-country. First, regardless of ability level, it’s suggested that riders take an avalanche safety class so they can properly identify the signs of an impending avalanche. Remember, it’s not safe to ride alone, so a buddy system should always be employed. It’s also important to pack the correct survival gear, and preparing like you might spend the night out in the cold is recommended. Be aware of your limits and keep to trails you know in order to stay out of uncomfortable situations. Visitors to Northwest Colorado should also be aware that the high altitude could cause fatigue which may lead to health problems. Finally, pay close attention to the weather, as storm systems can move in quickly in the Colorado mountains. For additional snowmobile safety tips, click here.

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