Below Average ACT Scores For Wyoming Students

Wyoming’s class of 2017 had the 35th ranked ACT scores in the U.S. according to Department of Education data. Numbers show that Wyoming is one of only 17 states which had its entire graduating class take the test last year. New Hampshire had the highest scores in the nation, with an average of 25.5, and Minnesota’s average score of 21.5 was the highest of the 17 states that had 100 percent of their graduating class take the test. Wyoming’s class of 2017 finished with an average score of 20.2 out of 36. To get into most colleges, students generally need to score a 21 or higher on the ACT. The ACT helps colleges and universities gauge a students’ readiness to enter their institutions. The test focuses on English, math, reading and science. While the average test scores were below the national average, last years Wyoming seniors did score slightly better than their 2016 counterparts in all four areas.

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