After Attack, Hunters Warned To Be “Bear Aware”

Following the attack of a bear on a Rock Springs man last week, law enforcement is encouraging hunters who venture north into grizzly country to be “bear aware.” Many northwest Colorado and south central Wyoming residents hunt in areas frequented by grizzly bears.  Hunters in bear country can be particularly vulnerable to bear encounters because of their use of animal a calls, and the fact that hunters generally move quietly through bear habitat, often during dawn and dusk hours. A complete list of steps to take to avoid bear encounters is available below. For additional information on how to safely use bear mace, click here.

Official recommendations to minimize the chance of dangerous human-bear encounters in grizzly country include the following:

  • Hunt with a partner.
  • Remain alert always for the presence of bears.
  • Carry and know how to use bear spray and carry it where it is swiftly accessible – not inside a pack.
  • Learn to recognize bear sign such as tracks and scat.
  • Retrieve downed game quickly and be particularly alert for approaching bears while field    dressing your game.
  • Make noise while packing out your game and avoid packing out meat at night.

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