Arson Team Completes Investigation Of Rio Blanco County Home Fire

An Arson Investigation team was in Rio Blanco County over the weekend , to look into the suspicious structure fire which occurred Thursday at 23404 Rio Blanco County Road 5 in the rural Piceance Creek area 45 miles southwest of Meeker.  The origin of the fire was determined to have started in the northwest corner of the residence, however due to the age of the house, the amount of fire, smoke and water damage and the amount of property which was stored inside the residence, the cause of the fire was undetermined as there were a number of possible ignition sources where the fire began.  At the time of the fire, the 62 year old resident of the home, Mark J. Abolt, was found outside, hypothermic, in an irrigation ditch. He was taken to Pioneers Hospital and Medical Center in Meeker.  Abolt, is expected to be release from the Hospital today.  Pictured: Scene following the fire.  Click to enlarge.

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