Carbon County has 6.4 Billion Tons Of Coal Reserves

coalplugThere is approximately 6.4 billion tons of coal located in and around Carbon County according to a new U.S. Geological Survey study that will be released next year.  While Carbon County would like to see this coal mined, some experts believe that the economic environment may never be right for the coal to be taken out of the ground.  Coal reserves in Carbon County are not news, but the survey is expected to provide a more detailed analysis of the amount of coal present and whether it would be cost effective to mine.  Out of the 6.4 billion tons of reserves, only 10% may be economical to mine due to the economic and regulatory environment surrounding the resource.   Wyoming could make the coal more cost effective to mine by offering incentives to coal companies.  These incentives could come in the form of reduced royalty rates similar to what Wyoming has offered to uranium and oil producers in the state.

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