BLM Continues Wild Horse Trapping

wild horsesThe Bureau of Land Management is making progress in their efforts to trap wild horses in the Sand Wash Heard Management Area in Northwest Colorado. So far the BLM has gathered 26 horses from the area.  12 of those horses were released back to the range with 5 mares receiving fertility treatments. 10 of the horses gathered have been removed and will be placed in an adoption program. The goal of the project is to remove up to 50 wild horses from the area and administer fertility treatments to an additional 75 mares in the heard. Trapping will continue over the Thanksgiving weekend, so area visitors should avoid interfering with trapping activities. The Sand Wash Heard Management area is intended to house 362 wild horses, currently that number exceeds 600. According to a BLM representative, the trapping and fertilization project will help keep the horses in the area and their habitat happy and healthy.

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