34 Workers Died In Wyoming Last Year

Thirty four people lost their lives in workplace fatalities last year in Wyoming. According to a new report from Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, this is the same number of people who died on the job in 2015. The majority of deaths occurred on Wyoming highways, with others occurring in agriculture, trucking, coal and the oil and gas industries. While Wyoming’s work place fatalities remained stagnant between 2016 and 2017, 36 other states had workplace deaths increase over that time period. Six agricultural workers died in Wyoming in 2016, with four deaths occurring to coal miners or oil and gas workers. Transportation deaths represented 41 percent of the workplace fatalities to occur last year. Wyoming’s workplace death rate is always near the top of the country, partially due to the fact that a high percentage of the state’s workforce is employed in dangerous professions like coal and oil and gas. Workplace deaths peaked in 2007, when 48 Wyoming workers died on the job.  To view the full workplace injury report, click here.

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