Teen Carjacking Suspects Head To Court

District Attorney 14thThe District Attorney’s Office announced today that the three juvenile fugitives apprehended last Friday will be returned to Arapahoe County to answer allegations of aggravated robbery and kidnapping, arising from a carjacking in that jurisdiction. The carjacking occurred in Aurora, Colorado last Thursday. The juveniles were taken into custody in Routt County on Friday, and are currently being held at a youth detention center in Grand Junction on the Arapahoe County arrest warrants. A detention hearing is expected to take place on March 8, and it is anticipated the juveniles will be transported back to Arapahoe County this week.

District Attorney Brett Barkey stated, “After consulting with the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office (Arapahoe County), we concluded that addressing the allegations of gun violence during a carjacking in Aurora should take first priority over property crimes committed in Routt County. Having said that, we will continue to work closely with authorities in the 18th Judicial District to ensure the rights and interests of our local victim are protected.”

DA Barkey said further, “Our local law enforcement officers did an outstanding job apprehending these fugitives last Friday without further incident or injury to anyone. Our community is fortunate to be served by such dedicated professionals.”

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