Three Teens Arrested Near Yampa Following Armed Carjacking

arrestNorthwest Colorado law enforcement agencies received information Thursday regarding three male teens that were wanted for a series of crimes out of the Aurora, Colorado area including one incident of armed carjacking. The teens were reported to be armed and dangerous.  Around 1 Friday afternoon, Routt County Communications received information that one of the teens cell phones had been pinged somewhere in the Oak Creek area.

On Friday morning a Routt County resident reported seeing three teenage males in the area of Routt County Road 7 near the National Forest boundary. The description of the three teens and the vehicle matched very closely to the vehicle and the teens out of Aurora.

Due the fact that the teens were believed to be in possession of numerous firearms, the Combined Emergency Response Team was activated.  Members of the Routt County Sheriff’s Office, The Steamboat Springs Police Department, Oak Creek Police Department, Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife, and various EMS and Fire departments responded to a staging area on CR7 near Yampa.

Law enforcement was positioned in strategic locations while plans were being coordinated.  At one point, a deputy saw several individuals walking to a house at the same time a gunshot was heard.  It was confirmed that the house was supposed to be empty.

The CERT team and assisting law enforcement members surrounded the residence and were able to communicate with the individuals who were asked to exit the residence and surrender.

As directed, the teens exited the residence and surrendered without incident.  The three have been charged with local charges including 2 counts of criminal mischief, 1 count of 1st degree criminal trespass and 1 count of 2nd degree burglary.

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