It May No Longer Be Illegal To Collect Rain Water In Colorado

RainBarrelThe Colorado State Legislature is diving into the issue of the public collection of rain water again this year.  A bill that would allow homeowners to collect 110 gallons of runoff from their roofs into rain barrels has passed a House committee vote.  Similar legislation was presented last year, but it died before it got to the floor for a vote.  Colorado is the only state that bans rain barrels and is one of only four states that restricts runoff collection.  Opponents to the bill stated that taking runoff reduces how much water flows into the streams and reservoirs in Colorado, and is also a disadvantage to the individuals who own the water rights.  Advocates claim that the water will seep into the soil anyway, and that rain barrels will actually make people more conscious of the amount of water they are using.  The legislation will now move to the state floor for discussion.

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