Trapper And ColoWyo Comments Needed ASAP

office of surface miningTime is running short for area residents to submit written comments on the draft Environmental Assessments for Trapper and ColoWyo mines.  The mines are both the subject to an environmental process by the Office of Surface Mining, in response to challenges brought on by  WildEarth Guardians.  In a meeting last month ColoWyo Mine Manger Chris McCourt stated that without approval of the Environmental Assessment the current permitted coal reserves at ColoWyo will be exhausted in 2020.   Rick Gordon Chairman of the Tri-State Board of Directors focused on how important it is that citizens participate by submitting comments on the draft Environmental Assessments for both ColoWyo and Trapper mines which are due next week.  Comments on the Colo-Wyo expansion are due on the 18th.  Comments for Trapper mine are due on the 19th.   For more information and details on how comments can easily be submitted visit either or

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