Women Still Make Less Than Men

Equal pay has again become a hot topic at the Colorado Legislature after House Democrats last week announced more equal pay measures that they say address the inequality women feel in the workplace.  The bills would make it a requirement for a state contractor to pay women the same as men. It would also allow employees to openly discuss salary information without fear of retribution. Finally, the measures would ban employers from asking

about salary history.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, woman are still being paid less than their male counter parts according to a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 2014 Women’s Earnings report showed that women who worked full-time in Colorado had average weekly earnings of $784 which is 81.3% of the $964 a week that males earned during that time. Nationwide, woman could expect to make $784 per week or 82.5% of the $871 that males made during that period. Hawaii had the highest female to male earnings ratio among all states at 92.8%, and Wyoming had the lowest at 67.7%. The differences in the state numbers is attributed to differences in area demographics, along with the variation in occupations, and industries in each state. For a link to the report click here.





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