Disturbing Video Of Moose Caught in Backyard Swing

PARKS AND WILDLIFEUnsettling video of a bull moose with its antlers caught on a backyard swing is a prime example of the hazards of attracting wildlife to a residential area, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials explained.  Recorded at the home of a Summit County resident who admitted to using salt to attract the animal, the footage shows the angry moose struggling with the swing’s rope wrapped around its antlers while wildlife officers attempt to free it. After several hours CPW officers were able to subdue the moose long enough to cut the rope allowing the animal to run off.  Wildlife officials say human-provided food and other attractants are a leading cause of conflicts and incidents like this in which humans are injured, pets are attacked or wildlife is killed.  The homeowners told the CPW they enjoyed watching wildlife so they put the salt lick out to attract moose and other animals.  The fact that the moose suffered and officers were put in a dangerous situation is a clear example of how irresponsible attracting wildlife to a home can be.  To reduce the possibility of it dying during the rescue, wildlife officers used a taser to subdue the moose, allowing officers to safely approach the animal  and free it from the swing.  A video of the moose before, during and after its release can be  seen below.

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