Bighorn Sheep Found With Head Cut Off

colorado parksThe body of a bighorn sheep with it’s head removed was found last week southwest of Kremmling. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering a $1000 reward for any information leading to a citation or arrest. It is not known how the animal died, but a press release alluded that the animal may have died ina road kill incident.  According to the CPW meat from most road-killed wildlife may be kept if reported to them within 48 hours. Only in certain circumstances can people keep the so called ‘trophy parts’ of dead wildlife, including antlers, horns, skulls, and in some instances, the hides. It was stressed that individuals check in with CPW to make sure everything remains legal, or that the animal is not evidence in a larger investigation. It is recommended that the public let a wildlife officer know if they find dead wildlife and wish to keep any portion of the animal to avoid potential legal consequences. Anyone with information about the incident can contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 970-255-6161 or online at the Operation Game Thief website.

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