Avalanche Deaths In Colorado and Wyoming

AVALANCHE WARNINGAvalanches kill an average of 42 people each year in North America. Hundreds more are injured. Avalanches can happen to those skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, driving, hunting and bike riding. Many avalanche victims don’t know they are in avalanche danger and are unprepared to deal with an avalanche.  Just this month avalanches have killed eleven people in the United States, the largest number of fatalities in January since 2001. Two people in Colorado died this year in separate accidents. A Snowmobiler west of Crested Butte and another at St. Mary’s Lake near Idaho Springs. Three have died this month in two incidents in Wyoming, including a snowboarder south of Jackson and two riders in terrain outside marked ski area boundaries, south of the Jackson Hole Resort.  If you plan to spend time in our snow covered mountains it’s important to educate yourself about avalanches. The National Avalanche Center website an excellent place to start.


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