Snowmobilers Rescued In Two Separate Incidents

search-and-rescue7-300x270The Cheyenne woman found dead Tuesday in Wyoming’s Snowy Range mountains has been identified as 46-year-old Susanne Withers. Withers was on a snowmobile outing Saturday with her husband, identified as Jerry Withers the 2nd, and her son, 18-year-old Jerry Withers the 3rd. Following a breakdown of one of their three snowmobiles and high winds and blizzard conditions, the family was forced to build a snow cave to shelter in for the night. Sunday the father took a snowmobile to look for help but became stuck in a body of water. He then took the only working snowmobile to continue his search for help. After the handlebars on that machine broke, Withers was forced to build a snow cave for himself for the night as he was unable to make it back to his family. He was found in good condition by searchers early Monday morning and assisted rescue teams in their search for his family, until a major ground blizzard put the search on hold. Tuesday morning searchers found Susanne Withers who had died of hypothermia and her son who was suffering from severe frostbite. The son was taken to the hospital in Laramie before being transported to a hospital in Denver for further treatment. In another snowmobile incident this week, two South Dakota men were rescued near Encampment after they apparently ran out of gas. The two had become separated from others in their group of riders Saturday afternoon. Carbon County search and rescue and a helicopter crew from Cheyenne’s Warren Air Force Base found the men Monday morning. As they had provisions and were able to make a fire, both were found in good health.

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