Plane Crash In Rio Blanco County Claims One Life

plane crash area meekerThe crash site and debris from an aircraft that went down last night about 15 miles west of Meeker was found this morning.  Members of the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue conducted a search for the plane last night finding several small items, the planes wing, part of the propeller and one tire before calling off the search for the night. The search resumed at daybreak today.  Around 10:30 the fuselage, more aircraft parts, and what appeared to be one set of human remains were located. The plane was en-route from Salt Lake City to Granby. The National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration and the Rio Blanco Coroners Office are all reporting to the scene.  Pictured: The search area in Rio Blanco County.  Click to enlarge.  Photo: Brice Glasscock.

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