Winter Driving Safety Tips

WINTER-DRIVING-300Winter can be an especially perilous time to be on the roads. Snow, ice, fog and longer nights present challenges to drivers that can lead to crashes. People do less driving in winter, yet we have more crashes per mile driven. Some 10,780 people were killed in car crashes between December and March in 2013 — fully one-third of the total for each year. Non-fatal collisions also occur with greater frequency in winter months. You may be an ace behind the wheel when the sun is shining and roads are dry, but driving in winter weather can be a different story. Drivers need to recalibrate and adjust their driving for winter road conditions.

There are three major pieces of advice for driving in wintry conditions:
– Slow down.
– Do not use cruise control when driving on slippery surfaces.
– Remember that bridges and overpasses freeze before roadways, so be more alert in cold weather when approaching a bridge.

For additional suggestions, that could save your life, follow this LINK.

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