Tipton, Gardner, Hickelooper Respond To Obama Gun Plans

gun contorlCongressman Scott Tipton issued a statement yesterday in response to the President’s executive orders on gun control. In the statement Tipton called the Presidents proposals “overreaching” and said the President is “playing Politics rather than working with Congress to advance solutions”. Tipton blamed the President for “ignoring the limitations on the Constitutional authority of the Executive Branch and for fostering the most divisive political climate in memory, creating a deep mistrust of government by the American people.” He went on to say that “These executive orders, like many of the President’s previous such actions, will be challenged and likely defeated in the courts”. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner also had harsh words for the the President, saying the President “is not empowered to make up his own laws when he doesn’t like the ones Congress has written. Executive orders cannot, and should not, stand in place of the Constitution. The desire on the part of the President to govern the entire country based on his own whims is dangerous.” Senator Michael Bennett has yet to release a public statement on Obama’s executive order, but in the past has advocated for expanding background checks. Governor John Hickenlooper in a statement on his website called the President’s orders “an important step in saving lives across the country.” Below you’ll find links to their complete statements.

Congressman Scott Tipton statement

Senator Cory Gardner statement

Governor John Hickenlooper statement



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