10 Tips To Help You Lose Weight I 2016

lose wieght resolutionIf you are on of the millions of Americans who will make the resolution this New Year to lose weight, know that goal setting is the easy part but staying on the weight loss track and maintaining that weight loss is where the challenges begin. Below find 10 tips to help you stick with your weight loss resolution this New Year and beyond:

• Drink up: Hunger and thirst can often be confused, so stay hydrated. But remember, beverages are not a place to splurge on a ton of calories. Drink water. For a flavor boost, add fresh fruit slices or mint leaves.

• Snack mindfully: It is all too easy to derail an otherwise flawless diet by binging at snack time. Be mindful of your snacks, and make sure they offer nutritional value and are designed to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

• Sleep: Studies show a link between sleep deprivation and excess pounds. While there are many theories as to why this is, at the very least, getting enough sleep will promote clear-headed, healthful choices throughout the day.

• Jumpstart your weight loss: Studies show that early weight loss is a predictor of long-term success. Look for programs that keep you motivated

• Eat small: Research suggests that eating smaller, balanced meals throughout the day promotes greater weight loss and maintenance. Schedule meals every two to three hours, six times a day.

• Get moving: Exercise doesn’t have to be daunting! Get started with 10-minute sessions, three times a day. Movement sets your metabolism in motion so make sure it’s a consistent part of your weight loss efforts.

• Eat out, right: Restaurant portions can be monstrous. Set aside half the meal and save it for later. Avoid key menu terms like “breaded,” “fried,” “crispy,” and “smothered.” At buffets, fill your first plate up entirely with greens before moving on to other options.

• Embrace setbacks: Sometimes diets get temporarily thrown off course by a missed workout or a second slice of birthday cake. Rather than throwing in the towel entirely, view the setback for what it really is, a temporary hiccup.

• Be accountable: Keep a food and exercise diary to reinforce good habits. Log food, drinks, activity, weight and more to stay accountable.

• Seek support: Weight loss and maintenance is no cakewalk.

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