2018 Budget Passes After $1.7 Million In Cuts

The Moffat County Commissioners approved the 2018 budget at their meeting yesterday. The commissioners’ goal was to reduce General Fund expenditures by $2.5 million for 2018. They were able to come up with $1.7 million in long term reductions in the General Fund, leaving $800,000 to be addressed.  Changes to the budget will still be made during 2018, with the commissioners adjusting the budget throughout the year. The County portion of the budget, which is minus the Memorial Regional Heath budget, calls for more than $36 million in expenditures, a decrease of nearly $900 thousand, which is about 2% less than the 2017 budget. Declining revenues in property tax continues to be a budgetary issue. Property valuations have decrease by more than $100 million since 2011, mainly due to the lack of oil and gas activity in Moffat County, resulting in a more than $2 million decrease in county revenue since 2012. To view the 2018 budget, click here.

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