2015 Colorado Highway Fatalities Highest In Years

CDOTThe Colorado Department of Transportation is planning to “double down” on their traffic safety outreach this year after preliminary data from 2015 indicates that traffic fatalities rose by 10% making it the deadliest year on Colorado’s roads since 2008. 545 people died on Colorado roads in 2015, compared to 488 in 2014. Individuals that were not wearing seatbelts accounted for almost half of the fatalities last year, and the National Highway and Traffic Administration is estimating that as many as 60 people would still be alive if there was 100% seatbelt participation. The numbers also show that 32% of the accidents that occurred were due to alcohol related issues. Motorcycle deaths also rose in 2015 reaching a record high of 104. CDOT is planning on spending $300,000 year on motorcycle safety campaigns, and are also expected to increase their spending in regard to seatbelt awareness. Risky behavior such as not using a seatbelt, riding a motorcycle without a helmet, speeding, driving impaired, or driving distracted, caused the majority of the accidents. Four people died of traffic accidents in Moffat County in 2015, four people died in Routt County, and one person died in Rio Blanco.

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