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Defending Wyoming State Champion Little Snake River Valley dumped Meeteetse 80-24 to advance to the championship football game against Dubois, who defeated Midwest 59-14 in semi-final action.  The championship game will be played on Friday, November 9th in Laramie and will be carried live on 55 Country.  If you would like to sponsor our game broadcast, contact 55 Country at 970-824-65474.


Everyone is invited to tomorrow’s Capital Christmas Tree celebration in Meeker tomorrow.  The tree will come from the White River National Forest, about 40 miles from Meeker.  It was cut down this morning, after a speech from Congressman Scott Tipton.  Tomorrow, the festivities in downtown Meeker kick-off at 2.  The tree will start it’s trip to Washington D.C. Tuesday, with its first stop in Rangely, where residents can see it at the Ballfields on River Road and Bell from 9 to 11.  From there it will move on to Craig, where it can be viewed between Kim & Go East and the fairgrounds on Highway 40 from 1:30 to 2:30.  Then the tree will be driven to Howelson Rodeo Grounds in Steamboat, where it will be available for viewing between 6 and 8.



This weekend is “time change” weekend. We return to Mountain Standard time early Sunday morning. Remember the key phrase, “Spring forward, Fall back.” So set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed tomorrow night.  Nightfall comes early after the annual change from daylight savings time to standard time and that means the chances increase for motorists to hit a deer on the road.  That’s according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  They say besides reduced visibility for drivers, deer are extremely vulnerable to getting hit because November is the peak of their mating season.  Many animals, especially deer and elk, travel in groups.  If you see one animal on the road, generally there’s another one coming.  If an animal is hit, wildlife officials advise drivers to immediately report the incident to the police and call 911 if there are any human injuries.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife requires that people who wish to salvage road kill apply for a permit within 48 hours.  Highway 13 from Rifle to Meeker is considered one of the most dangerous stretches of road for vehicle versus wildlife incidents.



Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has returned to the campaign trail in Colorado.  Ryan is set to attended a rally in Greeley around noon yesterday. He was joined by country music star Lee Greenwood at the Island Grove Event Center.  Today, Ryan will attend a rally in Montrose before campaigning in Iowa and Ohio.  He cancelled a visit to Colorado on Tuesday because of Hurricane Sandy.  Mitt and Ann Romney will both be campaigning in Colorado tomorrow.



The boat ramps at state parks in Colorado have started to close for the season. The boat ramps will reopen in the spring when the ice thaws.  That includes local lakes such as Steamboat Lake and Stagecoach Reservoir.  All Colorado State Parks will remain open for other outdoor recreation activities throughout the winter.  For additional closures and information about hand launched vessels and ice fishing, you can visit the individual park websites, which you can get to through a single link here.



The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will approve final annual changes to statewide fishing regulations and begin the process of identifying issues for the annual review of big game hunting regulations when the Commission meets in Yuma Nov. 8 and 9.  Beginning Thursday afternoon and continuing Friday morning, Commissioners will get their first briefing on proposed big-game hunting regulation changes for the 2013 big-game seasons. The big-game regulations will undergo further review before final approval at the January 2013 meeting in Denver. The Commission is scheduled to conclude the November meeting with votes on several herd-management plans and a staff presentation on potential projects to protect private-land wildlife habitat around the state.



Local law enforcement personnel have written an opinion piece on Amendment 64, the proposal to allow adults 21 and older to possess, and in some cases grow small amounts of marijuana for recreational use.  The state already allows medical use of the drug, but now marijuana proponents are attempting to legalize it for recreation use.  A number of law enforcement personnel from Moffat, Routt and Grand Counties have signed on to a letter that downplays the amount of revenue the legalization would bring to the state, and emphasizes the fact that the drug is still, and would still be illegal on a federal level.  They also point to the lack of regulations regarding the drug, saying it would take the state years to build that regulation structure.  You can see the letter in its entirety below.

Dear Editor:

We are law enforcement leaders in Moffat, Routt and Grand Counties, and wanted to express our concerns about Amendment 64, the effort to legalize “recreational” use of marijuana in Colorado.

First, we are concerned about any steps that might increase use of marijuana among children.  Studies indicate that increased availability and increased perceptions of acceptability will increase underage use of marijuana, which already accounts for 67 percent of teenage substance abuse treatment in America.  The evidence is also compelling to us that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to use and abuse of even more dangerous drugs like heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine.  Because of the permanent, lifelong debilitating effects of marijuana on young people, we are gravely troubled about Amendment 64’s potential long term harm to our community’s youth.

Second, the argument that the government should tax marijuana like alcohol and tobacco, and use those tax revenues to address the potential impacts, totally overlooks how little tax revenue is actually collected compared to the social costs of alcohol and tobacco use.    In the US, the estimates are that communities spend $ 185 billion to address alcohol use but collect only $14.5 billion in tax revenues, or less than ten percent.  Costs of tobacco use are estimated at $200 billion, yet we collect only $25 billion in tax revenues or about 12 percent.  Consequently, we are concerned about the increased costs our community will be asked to bear from legalized marijuana, such as increases in drug-impaired driving, on top of the social costs we already carry from alcohol and tobacco use.

Third, it has taken our state government several years to begin to regulate medical marijuana and we are concerned that even now, enforcement resources for medical marijuana are insufficient.  As a result, we are concerned that the time that it would take state authorities to build the structure to regulate a legalized marijuana industry will allow drug cartels and other criminal organizations to continue their penetration of that industry in Colorado.  Significant evidence exists that these organizations use the medical marijuana umbrella to grow and ship marijuana to other states where it remains illegal.  We are gravely concerned that Amendment 64 will even further open the opportunities for these illegal organizations to burrow into Colorado and use their bases here to expand illegal marijuana use across the country.  We do not want marijuana to be what Colorado is best known for in America.

Some have argued that enforcement resources should not be directed to simple marijuana possession.  We can assure you that our drug enforcement efforts focus on the most dangerous drugs in our communities – methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine — and not simple marijuana possession, which is a petty offense in Colorado.

As law enforcement leaders who have devoted their lives to the safety of our wonderful community in Northwestern Colorado, we urge you to give careful consideration to Amendment 64 and to visit www.votenoon64.com for further information.   Ultimately, we ask you to vote “no” on Amendment 64.


Brett Barkey, District Attorney
Sheriff Tim Jantz, Moffat County
Sheriff Garrett Wiggins, Routt County
Sheriff Rodney Johnson, Grand County
Chief Walter Vanatta, Craig Police Department
Chief Gordon Booco, Hayden Police Department
Chief Joel Rae, Steamboat Springs Police Department
Chief William Housley, Granby Police Department
Officer Ed Corriveau, Oak Creek Police Department
Officer Bobby Rauch, Oak Creek Police Department



Steamboat’s Recreation Division and Police Department are partnering to offer “Stranger Danger and other Safety Tips” next week.  The program is free to the public.  Officer Nick Moore will present information to help prepare kids for possible dangerous situations, how to prevent them, and how to react calmly and safely. The family event for school age children will provide parents with a starting point for more in depth conversation so parents are required to be there with their children.  Additional topics will be discussed including ski slope safety and cold weather safety.  The presentation will be November 9th at 10:30 in the Soda Creek Elementary Gymnasium.



The Craig Chamber of Commerce & Moffat County Visitor Center is offering to sit down with residents and visitors to talk about what kind of opportunities are available in the area.  The Chamber provides information, maps, permits and answers to most questions. They have forest service, BLM and hunting unit maps, OHV and snowmobile permits and a sportsman information specialist on staff.  The public is invited to stop by 360 E. Victory Way on today and and again November 12th and 13th for free donuts and chili and to visit with Chamber staff.

In high school sports:

In football:
Defending Wyoming State Champion Little Snake River Valley dumped Meeteetse 80-24 to again advance to the championship game, which will be held on Friday, November 9th in Laramie.  That game will be carried live on 55 Country.  If you would like to sponsor our game broadcast, contact 55 Country at 970-824-65474
Steamboat falls to Delta 35-0.
Moffat County lost to Palisade 35-14

In football:
Hayden goes to Akron for a first round playoff game at 1.

In volleyball:
Meeker goes to Telluride for Regionals.

The Denver Broncos play at Cincinnati Sunday.  You can catch the game live on 55 Country with the pre-game at 9 and the kick-of at 11.