11 Wyoming Highway Deaths This Year

A single vehicle roll-over last weekend resulted in the 11th highway fatality of the year in Wyoming. 33-year-old Shane Moulton of Star Valley Ranch, was driving on Highway 89 near Alpine, when he lost control, due to icy conditions on the road. His truck crossed the center line, eventually striking a guardrail. The vehicle tipped over the guardrail, dropping 20 feet off a retaining wall to the ground, where it rolled approximately 300 ft. down the cliff into the Snake River. The truck came to rest on its roof with the passenger compartment completely submerged in the water. Moulton, who was trapped inside the truck, died at the scene. Excessive speeds are being investigated as a contributing factor in the crash. The 11 deaths to occur so far this year on Wyoming highways are more than the 10 deaths that occurred last year and the 8 that took place in 2018, but are lower than the 17 deaths which occurred during this same time period in 2015.

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